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College of Education

Bruya-Wood Judges

The Bruya-Wood URC is fortunate to have great support with judges from the WSU community. This creates an excellent environment for students to speak professionally with not only the Kinesiology faculty, but also other highly respected experts. The assistance from across the programs within the College of Education and professionals within the Pacific Northwest is immeasurable. The presenting students thoroughly enjoy the experience. They are inspired to speak with individuals that are working in their future professions.

The student conference committee and WSU advisors thank all who have volunteered in this capacity.

Spring Community members serving as Faculty Judges


We are honored to have Geoff Wood of Bruya-Wood returning as a judge!


Veronica Hopwood Pullman Regional Hospital
Greg Schultz Catalyst Medical Group
Krista Jones Whitman Hospital
Dave Paul University of Idaho, Exercise Physiology
Megan Vining Pullman Parks and Recreation
Scott Shaw San Jose State University
Jeremy Cornwell IRG-PT
Tammy Crawford Sport Management
Justin Blatner WSU Athletics
Leah Sanders WSU UREC
Tim Holmstrom Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists
Savannah De la Combe WSU Athletics Learning Specialist
David Alpizar Education Psychology
Susan Williams McNair Program
Annette Barton WSU Facilities
Michaela Goespe Kinesiology Program
Collette Edge Kinesiology Program
Gretchen Stolte Kinesiology Program
Madison Hunt Kinesiology Program
Sarah Amirzehni Kinesiology Program

Kinesiology Faculty Judges

Sarah Ullrich-French
Tami Goetz
Kasee Hildenbrand
Katy Pietz
Judy Schultz
If you are interested in serving as a future judge, please contact us at

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