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College of Education

Equity and Inclusion Learning

The most essential work

Amid racial injustice and a climate of intolerance, the work we do in equity and inclusion is more than just important, it’s essential. Positive change is no longer and option and nothing really matters until this matters.

Upcoming presentations

There are no more presentations scheduled for Spring 2023.
When Fall 2023 presentations, topics, and dates are set, they will be shared here.

Recent presentations

April 26, 2023 — 12:00-1:00 p.m. PDT

Shameem Rakha
The Problem with Colorblindness

In this workshop, we defined colorblind ideology, examine the history behind its use, and why holding this ideology is problematic in education and elsewhere. We also discussed ways to talk about and frame race within our scholarship. Systemic racism was discussed as a part of this topic. 

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March 28, 2023

Katherine Rodela
Key Words to Discuss Issues of Equity

In this workshop, participants engaged in critical reflection around key words to discuss issues of equity and diversity. A common fear in engaging in equity, diversity, and inclusion work for students, staff, and faculty is not knowing how to start talking about race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and saying the “wrong thing.” During our time together, Katherine shared some key words she uses to engage in discussions of race, class, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and disability, along with how to approach these discussions in authentic and humanistic ways. 

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Katherine Rodela
March 28, 2023