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College of Education

ELSSECP Student Profiles

Fall 2018

Dustin Van Orman

Dustin Van Orman is a Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology program and instructor of ED PSYCH 401: Classroom Assessment in the Elementary Education program in the College of Education. His research focuses on where and how adults can learn languages best, and how to evaluate language proficiency. He hopes to help learners find a path to fluency and cultural competence through research. Dustin became interested in second language acquisition research through his experience as a learner of Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Arabic, and as a teacher of English and Spanish. Dustin has B.A. degrees in European Studies: Linguistics & Spanish, and Sociology from Seattle Pacific University, and an M.A. degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China.

Jong Eun Lee

More on Jong Eun coming soon.

Emma McMain

Emma McMain is a first-year Master’s student in WSU’s Educational Psychology program. While earning a B.S. in Psychology at Pacific University (a liberal arts school near Portland, Oregon), Emma completed her undergraduate thesis on the nurture of metacognitive self-regulation in an after-school program for adolescents. She now plans to channel her interests in child development and socioemotional skills into bridging the gap between educational theory and practice. Emma’s current research assistantship investigates the protective forces of peer bystanders in the context of adolescent bullying. She is in the early stages of developing a thesis that will likely focus on younger children. When she’s not absorbed in her studies, you can find Emma running, hiking, and creating new recipes with her partner, Kaleb.

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