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Washington State University
College of Education

Cole Mercer

Cole Mercer

Teaching Assistant
Pullman Campus
Smith 70, EPPL

“I chose the WSU Kinesiology master’s program because I believe WSU has one of the strongest professional lineup of faculty and staff. I feel that this program will set me up for success after graduation with both a sense of academic accomplishment as well as professional skills. I am excited to continue my work with the EPPL for this very reason.”

Cole Mercer is a master’s student in the WSU Kinesiology program and works in WSU’s Exercise Physiology and Performance Lab (EPPL) with Dr. Chris Connolly. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ in 2014 with his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and worked in industry for a few years while slowly switching his path toward fitness and kinesiology.

Cole has a wide range of research interests, but hopes to focus on resistance training and general health. He hopes to push fitness and health into the future as a coach and entrepreneur after graduating with my master’s degree. He likes to spend my free time playing video games, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with his wife Lindsay and their Siberian Husky Atlas, or playing various sports with his friends. “We also have two cats, so you can imagine how furry stuff gets :).”