Cedric, Sachiko and Paula Groves Price
Cedric, Sachiko and Paula

What do you do when you’re three and waiting for your mom to get an award? For one thing, you catch the eye of the closest person with a camera.  Pullman campus photographer Shelly Hanks snapped this shot of Sachiko Price at the recent MLK Celebration, where Paula Groves Price was honored with the Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award for faculty.

Paula coordinates the Department of Teaching and Learning’s Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education program.   Every summer she works alongside her husband Cedric Price, director of WSU’s physical education program, managing a week-long residential camp on the Pullman campus for Coeur d’Alene Tribe youth leaders.

For another picture from the ceremony, see our Facebook page.

More good news from cultural studies: The journal Education Review published a review written by graduate student Patricia Maarhuis.  It begins: “The Curriculum Studies Handbook (CSH), edited by Erik Malewski (2010), is a thick tome and proved challenging to review due to its complexity in both breadth and depth of topic.”

Patricia, who works in WSU Counseling Services, responded to congratulations by saying: “It’s a wonderful program and I’ve so appreciated working with Dr. (Pauline) Sameshima.  She has been very supportive (with high expectations!) throughout the writing and publishing process.”