When our dean and associate dean died last summer, many of us felt the loss of their friendship and expertise. But only one of us, dean’s assistant Stacy Mohondro, sat between the two suddenly empty offices.

Stacy Mohondro

For her exceptional support of the interim deans in a time of abrupt transition, for helping the bereaved families of Judy Mitchell and Len Foster, and for her excellent work and ready smile under all circumstances, Stacy has been honored with the Administrative Professional Contribution Award.

“What makes Stacy special is her great understanding of the importance of each person, and of his or her role in the college mission,” said her nominator, Krenny Hammer.

Stacy’s is the latest name on our list of 2009-2010 award winners.

Will she hang that picture in Vandal-land?

Cori and the cougar

Faculty and staff from the Department of Teaching and Learning gathered Thursday to bid adieu to their former chair, Cori Mantle-Bromley, who is about to leave the Pullman campus and head eight miles east to become dean at the University of Idaho’s College of Education.  Cori, who has served as interim associate dean for the last year, gave a wry smile when she saw that her farewell gift was the portrait of a cougar.  UI’s gain isn’t entirely our loss, as Cori’s new position bodes well for educational cooperation across the state line.

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