Drew Bledsoe at the 2009 Scholarship and Excellence event, where he introduced his award-winning dad.

You remember Drew Bledsoe, right? He’s the son of that fellow, Mac, who won an Advocate for Education Award last fall from the College of Education. Well, the younger Bledsoe (and NFL great) is the owner of a new winery in Walla Walla. In a recent Washington State Magazine article, he talks about caring for vines in his vineyard. “If you starve them for water, make the roots really dig, and then thin them out, the grapes that are left really develop some nice complexity and depth.”   So a plant, he says, is like a little kid.  Given everything it wants, “it grows up spoiled with no depth to it.”

Sounds like something his dad would say.

Whose news? Sorting out the WSU media scene
Speaking of Washington State Magazine, you probably know the publication, in its glossy and Web-based forms, is geared toward alumni readers. And you know the Daily Evergreen (and its West Side counterpart, the VanCougar) is a student newspaper.

But for some College of Education folks, the role of campus information sources gets a little fuzzy after that.  So here’s the scoop.

WSU Today is a weekday online newsletter that reports on news about and of interest to faculty, staff and graduate students.  The WSU News Service targets off-campus audiences by providing press releases, feature stories and news tips. The two enterprises often repurpose and  link to each other’s articles, however. And each relies heavily on submissions from communications and marketing staffers who work for WSU’s various colleges, units and campuses.