Magazine features Justin, at left, and Raphael

Asked to compare her two sons who hold education doctorates from WSU, Consuelo Guillory describes Raphael as the smart one who threw himself into everything he did and Justin as the cute one, “all dimples and charisma.” But both boys, whose heritage is both Native American and African American, grew up with ample doses of brains and personality, as well as eagerness to share the benefits of education.

Justin (’08) is dean of academics and distance learning at Northwest Indian College. Raphael (’02), is an associate professor at Eastern Washington University. Their success is chronicled on page four and five of the latest Insight Magazine, published by WSU’s Division of Student Affairs, Equity and Diversity.  The College of Education is well-represented in the elegant publication. There are additional articles on our efforts to address two achievement gaps: the one that exists between Native American students and their non-Indian peers in Washington state (p. 19) and that which separates minority students from others in Spokane public schools (p. 34).  An article from the Tri-Cities campus (p. 36), by Associate Professor Stephanie Bauman, mentions Associate Professor Michele Acker-Hocevar‘s research into “additive schooling”– which recognizes students and families for what they bring to schools, rather than what they lack.

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