WSU College of Education Student Services & Certification

teacher certification

Students who have earned a non-education bachelor's degree and are seeking teacher certification may follow one of two paths to achieve their goal.

First path

Washington State University offers a Masters in Teaching (MIT) program in elementary and secondary teacher education/ certification. Students interested in the elementary education with certification path must meet pre-requisite requirements before starting the MIT program. Those students interested in pursuing the secondary certification plan must meet all subject/content area endorsement requirements before beginning their program.

Students applying to a graduate program at Washington State University must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher for their undergraduate course work in order to be accepted to the Graduate School. Please contact the College of Education’s Office of Graduate Studies for more information.

Second path

The other path leading to certification is through the undergraduate program. This path is for individuals who do not wish to earn a graduate degree while pursuing teacher certification. Students desiring to complete this path must meet the undergraduate admission requirements for the College of Education. The length of this program will vary depending upon the desired endorsement. For more information, please contact