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Pathway 2

Testing and Pedagogy Assessment

Pathway 2 involves passing the WEST-E test and successful college-administered pedagogy assessment in the endorsement being added, as outlined by the Professional Educator Standards Board.  Below is the list of approved endorsements available at Washington State University.

Who is eligible

Certified teachers who have a minimum of 90 days experience in their current endorsement area. Or, elementary education teachers who have not been employed in a K-8 elementary position and want to add Middle Level Math or Middle Level Science (90 days of experience is not required). 

Pathway 2 endorsements offered at WSU

If you currently have:

You may add:

Agriculture Education Middle Level Science

Bilingual Ed

Designated World Language *

Biology Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Chemistry Mathematics; Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Earth Science and Space Science Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science

Earth Science

Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science

Elementary Ed

Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science; Reading

English Language Learner (ELL)

Designated World Language *

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Designated World Language *

English Language Arts

Social Studies, History


English Language Arts


Middle Level Math; Physics

Middle Level Mathematics


Middle Level Science Middle Level Math

Middle Level Math/Science



Mathematics; Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science

Social Studies

English Language Arts

Special Ed

Elementary Ed

Technology Education

Middle Level Science

 * WSU is approved for the following Designated World Languages:
French and Spanish.


Washington State University’s Pathway 2 Endorsement program costs $1400.

Getting started

  • Contact Washington State University:

Staci Bickelhaupt

  • Program Application
  • Pass the WEST-E in the desired endorsement
  • Complete OSPI forms 1522F and 4422 (both need to be signed by your district superintendent or personnel director). The forms are available at each campus.
  • Contact your building administrator or Human Resources Department to identify a mentor teacher and secure permission to practice teach in the new content area, with supervision from the mentor teacher. The mentor teacher must hold an endorsement and be teaching in the area you are seeking.1
  • Schedule and attend pre-observation sessions with your WSU-assigned supervisor, mentor teacher and building administrator. Prepare products as outlined in the Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment (PPA).

Requirements upon starting

  • Arrange with your building administrator to practice teach in the content area in desired endorsement.
  • Be observed teaching in the new endorsement area by the WSU supervisor a minimum of two times and a maximum of four times. Please note: All competencies on the PPA must be demonstrated within four observations for the endorsement to be added. If all competencies are not demonstrated within this time period, the endorsement request will be denied.
  • Scheduling the administration of the PPA typically takes 8-12 weeks.


  • You may start anytime, depending on scheduling of your PPA with your supervisor.

Adding the endorsements to your teacher certificate

After you complete the required course work, submit your application for an add-on endorsement. Once you have submitted your completed application WSU will recommend you for the add-on endorsement through E-Certification. In the interim you will receive a temporary 180-day permit with the new endorsement. You must submit:

  • Official WEST-E score report - if not already on file with WSU
  • Copy of Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment. (WSU will verify satisfactory completion of T&L 590.)


1 Mentor teachers certified prior to 1987 must be “Highly Qualified.”

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