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Middle Level Mathematics
Add-on Endorsement

Washington State University’s Middle Level Math Endorsement program is designed for new (including teacher candidates) and experienced teachers who wish to add an additional endorsement or expertise in middle level mathematics to their current certification.

Courses for this add-on endorsement will be available in Spokane, Pullman, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver through videoconference (AMS) and face-to-face courses. Teacher candidates should consult with their advisor for program application information and complete their first "block" of education courses prior to enrolling in TCH_LRN 426 and 427.

Required courses:

Course #

Course Title



MATH 106

College Algebra


*waived with 65% or higher on ALEKS

MATH 252

Math for Elementary School Teachers II


waived for teachers who hold endorsements in elementary education

MATH 356

Probability and Statistics for the ML Math Teacher


Probability & Statistic course with pedagogy for ML math teachers. 

*Pullman students will take Math 356 to meet the probability/stats requirement. For the Urban campuses, the Department of  Teaching and Learning will offer a probability/stats course via AMS.  These are new courses being developed; and information will be posted soon.

MATH 303

Higher Geometry


Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry

*prerequisite MATH 252 or teaching certificate with an endorsement in elementary education

MATH 351

Algebraic Thinking for Middle School Teachers


Will also include some topics from discrete mathematics and statistics

TCH_LRN 426/533

Middle Level Mathematics Methods


Will include middle level instructional methodology, student development, philosophy and school organization

TCH_LRN 427/534

Proportional Reasoning


Will include rational numbers and probability

The following course is recommended to strengthen the candidate's middle level knowledge:

•   Teaching at the Middle School

TCH_LRN 513 - Seminar in Middle School Ed.

Course offering schedule

All courses except the Math 303 morning class offered each fall in Pullman, are offered via video conferencing (AMS) to remote campus sites.

Year Fall Spring Summer
2014-15 MATH 303
TCH_LRN 427/534

TCH_LRN 426/533
MATH 351

New Probability/Stats Course (course number TBA)
2015-16 MATH 303
TCH_LRN 427/534
TCH_LRN 426/533
New Probability/Stats Course (course number TBA)
MATH 351

Faculty contacts:

Dr. Jo Clay
(509) 335-5651

Dr. Janet Frost
(509) 358-7595

Dr. Amy Roth McDuffie
(509) 372-7384

Dr. David Slavit
(360) 546-9653

Application information: 

Candidates planning to complete the add-on endorsement program in Middle Level Mathematics need to apply to our add-on endorsement program.

Pullman, WSU Online
Staci Bickelhaupt
PO Box 642152
Pullman, WA 99164-2152
(509) 335-4855

Helen Berry
2710 University Dr.
Richland, WA 99352-1671
(509) 372-7396

Dan Overbay
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave
Vancouver, WA 98686-9600
(360) 546-9673

Kelly LaGrutta
668 N Riverpoint Blvd
Spokane, WA 99210-1495
(509) 358-7942

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