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Research course rotation

Prerequisites for research courses for doctoral students

Course                                      Prerequisites
EdRes 562 - Doctoral standing in education or EdPsy 505 or concurrent enrollment
EdRes/EdPsy 563 - CoPsy 501 or EdRes 562 or admission to the EdD program
EdRes/EdPsy 564 - EdRes/EdPsy 563
EdRes/EdPsy 565 - EdPsy 508 and EdRes/Edpsy 563

NOTE:  Prior to a student enrolling in EDPSY/EDRES 565, the student should be very familiar with both conceptual and technical aspects of central tendency and variability measures, regression and correlation, hypothesis testing, z-tests, t-tests and analysis of contingency tables. Below is a list of general topics that should be covered before EDPSY / EDRES 565 in such a course as EDPSY 508 or equivalent.

List of Topics:

  • Displaying Data, Frequency Tables, Graphs
  • Percentiles and Percentile Ranks
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Variability
  • Normal Distributions and Standard Scores
  • Normal Distribution
  • Introduction to Correlation
  • Introduction to Simple Linear Regression
  • Probability
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
         Testing Hypotheses about a Single Mean
         Confidence Intervals
         Hypothesis Testing for Independent Samples
         Hypothesis Testing for Dependent Samples
  • Chi-square Goodness-of-Fit Test
  • Chi-square Test of Independence

Forms and deadlines

Throughout your program, you will be required to submit various forms. Most of these forms can be found on the Graduate School's website. Be aware of the forms required and the timeline for submission of the forms. It is the student's responsibility to be apprised of all deadlines and to ensure that forms are submitted on time. The Graduate School Deadlines and Procedures Form provides specific deadlines.

Forms and documents by specialization

Scheduling dissertation/thesis proposal meetings

To schedule your dissertation or thesis proposal meeting, please have your committee sign the D-1/T-1 scheduling form. A D-1 form must be completed at a dissertation proposal meeting. A T-1 form must be completed at a thesis proposal meeting.

Graduate Student Professional Development Seminar:

Graduate Program Assessment Rurbic

Independent study

In order to enroll in an independent study, you must complete and submit either:
the ELCP Independent Study Enrollment Form for the department of ELCP or
the T&L Independent Study Enrollment Form for the department of Teaching and Learning.

ELSSECP exam schedule

The Department of Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology develops a schedule each calendar year for preliminary and comprehensive exams.

Research data collection

For all student projects (individual and class) that involve data collection from human participants but do not meet the federal research guidelines for the IRB process complete the following form.

All WSU Graduate Students must complete the RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH EDUCATION TRAINING.  This training can be found at  Once you have completed the training, please forward your email confirmation to the College of Education's Office of Graduate Education at

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