WSU College of Education Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning

Welcome and overview

The Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning supports culturally-responsive teaching. This means that we help teachers better connect with students to build strong relationships, which we know is an essential foundation for life-long learning.

Coming from a place-based framework, our mission is to identify effective curriculum resources, high-quality professional development materials and disseminate useful information and products to improve PreK-12 teaching and learning for American Indians and Alaska Natives. In collaboration and partnership with the Plateau Center for American Indian Studies and the Center for Mestizo and Indigenous Research & Outreach, the Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning will be promoting American Indian and Alaska Native education on the Washington State University (WSU) campus as a resource for teachers, administrators, faculty, students, and staff from the local and regional community.

Clearinghouse services

The Clearinghouse provides a variety of services and expertise pertaining to research in Indian education to WSU students and faculty and those interested in learning more about Indian education issues.

We assist in:

  • Professional development for K-12 in-service teachers and administrators;
  • Literature searches for class assignments, research projects, or professional development;
  • Compiling archive materials in either print or electronic form;
  • Networking with local schools and organizations serving Native students;
  • Identifying exemplary resources: curriculum, books, articles, and classroom materials;
  • Outreach and on-site visitation;
  • Collaborating with local, regional and national organizations regarding K-12 curriculum and instruction, program and activities.

More information:

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