WSU College of Education Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning

Welcome and overview

The Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning supports culturally-responsive teaching and working collaboratively with local area tribes and education stake holders. Our culturally responsive approach and pedagogies includes assisting K-12 teachers to better connect with their students to build culturally responsive relationships, which we know is an essential foundation for life-long learning.

Coming from a place-based framework, our mission is to identify effective curriculum resources, high-quality professional development teaching materials and to disseminate useful information and products to improve K-12 teaching and learning for American Indians and Alaska Natives in public schools using Indigenous methodologies.

In collaboration and partnership with the Plateau Center for American Indian Studies and the Center for Mestizo and Indigenous Research & Outreach, the Clearinghouse on Native Teaching & Learning promotes Indigenous methodologies and frameworks on the Washington State University (WSU) campus as a resource for teachers, administrators, faculty, students, and staff from the local and regional community.

Clearinghouse services

The Clearinghouse provides a variety of services and expertise pertaining to research in Indian education to WSU students and faculty and those interested in learning more about Indian education issues.

We assist in:

  • Professional development for K-12 pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators;
  • Outreach and communication networks with local public schools and organizations serving Native students;
  • Identifying exemplary resources: curriculum, books, articles, and classroom materials;
  • Collaborating with local, regional and national organizations regarding K-12 curriculum and instruction, program and activities.

More information:

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