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Educational Psychology = good career + good salary

Individuals with strong research and evaluation skills in education or the social sciences are highly sought after.

That means educational psychology graduates can expect to earn a good salary through an interesting and fulfilling career.

Those jobs could include:

  • Industry
  • State agencies
  • Labs
  • School districts
  • Universities

Three graduate degree programs

Students can study educational psychology within two master's degrees and a Ph.D.:

The educational psychology program is committed to the creation and study of environments that enhance learning potential and promote lifelong learning for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Through faculty and student partnerships across campus, the program provides an exciting, interdisciplinary atmosphere for course and field study.

See how one graduate assistant makes learning fun for his students

Consistent with the scientist-practitioner model of professional training in psychology, students in the doctoral program in educational psychology are required to integrate the theoretical and research offerings of the university with substantial practicum and internship experiences by completing an internship directly related to the specific area of professional training.

Research, Evaluation and Measurement (REM)

The core requirements in Research, Evaluation, and Measurement (REM) provide students with a solid academic foundation. In addition, all degree programs afford some flexibility to tailor course work to individual student preferences and research options.

Successful professionals in this field have strong methodological skills, an understanding of researchable topics, the ability to develop a research program, the ability to communicate and work with a wide variety of professionals, and the skills to understand nuance and ambiguity in the work environment. Thus, we seek individuals who will first meet challenging academic standards for entrance and show promise for success in the exciting field of educational research and evaluation.

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