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Teacher Performance Assessment

Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

Across the state, student teachers from all institutions with teacher preparation programs are participating in the operational phase of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).  The Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) is modeled after the National Board Certification process and is part of a national effort to define a single instrument to be used to evaluate beginning teachers.  The edTPA - regardless of grade level - requires teacher candidates to describe, analyze, and evaluate the teaching of a "learning segment" in their student-teaching classrooms and provide supporting evidence from their classrooms (video and artifacts) to illustrate their effectiveness.

Pearson has created a website with helpful information, links, and resource materials to assist candidates in completing the edTPA, and to help answer questions throughout completion of the assessment.  Candidates are encouraged to explore the website materials, specifically under the "Candidates" and "FAQs" tabs.

Submission to Pearson: 

Registration is open at .  Candidates should select the Pearson e-Portfolio System, and register as soon as possible to review the newest version of the edTPA handbooks and access the templates to make submitting materials easier.  We have not received any information about vouchers for the edTPA.

Submission to WSU: 

In order to successfull complete your submission to WSU, you will need to download, read, sign and scan the Video Guidelines and Permission to Use Form to be included with your entire Pearson edTPA portfolio.  In order to make the submission process as simple as possible for candidates, we have developed the following instructions for you to follow. 

Submission Instructions

Once you have successfully completed all the steps for submission and received your email confirmation, please share the confirmation with your supervisor. 

Submission deadline for completed materials to Pearson and WSU:

March 31, 2014

Secure access to current edTPA Handbooks and Support Materials is available here:



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