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Roth McDuffie, Amy

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and External Funding

Department of Teaching & Learning
Tri-Cities campus

2710 Crimson Way, Richland, WA 99354

(509) 372-7384

Curriculum Vitae


Research interests

Amy Roth McDuffie conducts research on the professional development of prospective and practicing teachers in mathematics education. Specifically, she focuses on supporting teachers learning in and from practice in the areas of teachers’ use of curriculum resources and culturally relevant pedagogies as part of developing equitable instructional practices.

Teaching/professional interests

Dr. Roth McDuffie regularly teaches methods of teaching mathematics courses for undergraduate prospective teachers. She also teaches masters and doctoral level courses in mathematics education for our EdM program and for our PhD in Mathematics and Science Education.

Recent accomplishments

  • Roth McDuffie, A., Foote, M. Q., Bolson, C., Turner, E.E., Aguirre, J. M., Bartell, T. G., Drake, C., & Land, T. (in press). Using video analysis to support prospective K-8 teachers’ noticing of students’ multiple mathematical knowledge bases. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.
  • Roth McDuffie, A., Foote, M. Q., Drake, C., Turner, E., Aguirre, J. M., Bartell, T. G., Bolson, C. (in press). Mathematics teacher educators' use of video analysis to support prospective K-8 teachers' noticing. Mathematics Teacher Educator.
  • Estes, L., Roth McDuffie, A., & Tate, C. (in press). Lesson planning with the Common Core. Mathematics Teacher.
  • Aguirre, J., Turner, E., Bartell, T. G., Kalinec-Craig, C., Foote, M. Q., Roth McDuffie, A., &  Drake, C., (2013).  Making connections in practice: How prospective elementary teachers connect to children’s mathematical thinking and community funds of knowledge in mathematics instruction. Journal of Teacher Education, 64 (2), 178-192. doi: 10.1177/0022487112466900.
  • Foote, M. Q., Roth McDuffie, A., Turner, E. E., Aguirre, J. M., Bartell, T. G., & Drake, C. (2013). Orientations of prospective teachers towards students' families and communities. Teaching and Teacher Education, 35(126-136).
  • Slavit, D. & Roth McDuffie, A. (2013). Self-directed teacher learning in collaborative contexts. School Science and Mathematics, 113 (2), 94-105.
  • Turner, E., Drake, C., Roth McDuffie, A., Aguirre, J., Bartell, T., & Foote, M. (2012). Promoting equity in mathematics teacher preparation: A framework for advancing teacher learning of children’s multiple mathematics knowledge bases. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 15 (1), 67-82. doi: 10.1007/s01857-011-9196-6.
  • Roth McDuffie, A., Wohlhuter, K., & Breyfogle, L. (2011). Tailoring tasks to meet students’ needs. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 16 (9), 550-555.
  • Wohlhuter, K., Breyfogle, L., & Roth McDuffie, A. (2010). Strengthening your mathematical muscles. Teaching Children Mathematics, 17 (3), 178-183.
  • Roth McDuffie, A., & Eve, N. (2009). Developing students’ understanding of area: The work of a professional learning team. Teaching Children Mathematics, 16 (1), 18-27.
  • Roth McDuffie, A. (2009). Mathematics Curriculum Implementation via Collaborative Inquiry: Focusing on Facilitating Mathematics Classroom Discourse. In D. Slavit, T. Holmlund Nelson, and A. Kennedy (Eds.), Perspectives on Supported Collaborative Teacher Inquiry (pp. 46 – 71). Oxford, UK: Routledge.
  • Roth McDuffie, A. & Mather, M.* (2009). Middle school teachers use of curricular reasoning in a collaborative professional development project. In  J. Remillard, G. Lloyd, & B. Herbel-Eisenmann (Eds.), Mathematics teachers at work: Connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction (pp. 302-320). Oxford, UK: Routledge.

Recent grants and awards

  • Co-PI on National Science Foundation grant, Developing Principles for Mathematics Curriculum Design and Use in the Common Core Era (2012-2016), funded through the DR K-12 with Choppin, J., Davis, J., & Drake, C.; $2,200,000.
  • Co-PI on National Science Foundation grant,  Teachers Empowered to Advance CHange in Mathematics (TEACH MATH): Preparing preK-8 teachers to connect children’s mathematical thinking and community based funds of knowledge. (2010-2015), funded through DR K-12 Drake, C., Turner, E., Aguirre, J., Bartell, T., Civil, M., & Foote, M.; $3,497,467.
  • Ben and Nancy Ellison Faculty Fellowship for WSU College of Education for research project, Examining Mathematics Curriculum Innovations at Delta (2011-2013); $22,991.
  • Co-PI on Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant, Delta High School research and evaluation (2010-2013) with Nagel, E., Morrison, J., Trevisan, M., & French, B.; $195,000.

Selected recent national service

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Series Editor for Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education, 2011- present.
  • Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, At-Large Board Member, 2010 – 2013.
  • Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Research in Mathematics Teacher Education Advisory Committee, 2010 – present.

Educational background

  • Ph.D Mathematics Education, University of Maryland, 1998.
  • M.S. Technology for Education, Johns Hopkins University, 1991.
  • B.A. Mathematics, Franklin and Marshall College, 1987.
  • Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate for Secondary Mathematics and Computer Science, 1989.
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