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Johnson, Eric

Associate Professor

Teaching & Learning
Tri-Cities campus
West 207W
2710 Crimson Way,
Richland, WA 99354

(509) 372-7304

Curriculum Vitae


Research interests

Eric Johnson’s research focus is on ethnographic approaches to language-minority education programs and language policies in public schools.  His interests include language policy and planning, the application of policy as practice, immigrant communities, parent and community engagement, bilingual education, and Hispanic Serving Institutions. 

Teaching/professional interests

Dr. Johnson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to bilingual education and English as a second language, including the theoretical foundations of bilingual and ESL education, methods and materials for bilingual/ESL education, bilingual education methods across content areas, sociolinguistics, diversity in education, and language, literacy and culture. 

Selected publications

  • Johnson, E.J. (2014). (Re)Categorizing language-minority literacies in restrictive educational contexts. International Multilingual Research Journal, 8(3), 167-188.

  • Johnson, E.J., & Castrellon, T. (2014). Recoding discourses in higher education: Critical views on recruiting materials for Latin@ college students. Journal of Latinos and Education, 13(3), 166-180.

  • Johnson, E.J. (2014). From the classroom to the living room: Eroding academic inequities through home visits. Journal of School Leadership, 24(2), 357-385.

  • Johnson, E.J., & Johnson, D.C. (2014).  Language policy in Arizona and Washington State. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. DOI: 10.1080/13670050.2014.882288

  • Johnson, D.C., & Johnson, E.J. (2014). Power and agency in language policy appropriation. Language Policy, 13(3), DOI 10.1007/s10993-014-9333-z

  • Blum, A., & Johnson, E.J. (2012). Reading repression: Textualizing the linguistic marginalization of non-native English speaking teachers in Arizona. Journal of Language, Identity & Education, 11(3), 167-184.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2012). Arbitrating repression: Language policy and education in Arizona. Language and Education, 26(1), 53-76.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2011). (Re)producing linguistic hierarchies in the United States: Language ideologies of function and form in public schools. International Journal of Linguistics, 3(1), E12.
  • Johnson, E.J.  (2011). Peerlingual education: A socioeducational reaction to structured English immersion. Journal of Latinos and Education, 10(2), 127-145.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2009). (Re)defining freedom of speech: Language policy, education, and linguistic rights in the United States. Journal of Applied Language Studies, 3(1), 2-23.
  • Johnson, E.J., & Brandt, E.A. (2009). Targeting diversity: A critical description of language policy and public education in the United States. Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, 21, 59-68.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2006). Dreams of (under)achievement: A critical metaphor analysis of the American dream and the formation of language policy in Arizona. Journal of Borderland Education, 1(1), 11-28.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2006). Trans-cultural bilingualism and second language acquisition: Understanding the sociolinguistic effects of international tourism on host communities. Arizona Anthropologist, 17, 1-40.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2005). WAR in the media: Metaphors, ideology, and the formation of language policy. Bilingual Research Journal, 29(3), 621-640.
  • Johnson, E.J. (2005). Proposition 203: A critical metaphor analysis. Bilingual Research Journal, 29(1), 69-84.

Recent awards

  • 2013 Faculty Diversity Award, Washington State University. “Recognizes distinctive and outstanding teaching, research, and/or service/outreach that advance diversity.”
  • 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award, Washington State University. “Recognizes extraordinary contributions toward continuing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the promotion of human rights and social justice.”
  • 2012 Award for Collaboration and Networking, Washington State University Tri-Cities, College of Education.
  • 2011 Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching, Washington State University, College of Education.


  • 2013 Co-PI: Bridging Community Literacy Practices and Funds of Knowledge in the Classroom. Washington State University College of Education Faculty Funding Award, co-investigator: Dr. Sarah Newcomer, Amount: $9000.
  • 2012 PI: Interpretation and use of research evidence for bilingual education policy and practice. William T. Grant Foundation: Officer’s Research Grant. Co-investigator: Dr. David C. Johnson. Amount: $25,000.
  • 2011 Co-PI: Interpretation and implementation of dual language education policy in Washington schools. Washington State University New Faculty Seed Grant Program. Co-investigator: Dr. David C. Johnson, Amount: $5,343.
  • 2011 Co-PI: Dual language education policy and practice in Washington state. Washington State University College of Education Faculty Funding Award, co-investigator: Dr. David C. Johnson, Amount: $8882.
  • 2008 Co-PI: Educational leadership and language policies in Washington school districts with high language-minority student populations. Washington State University College of Education Faculty Funding Award. Co-investigator: Dr. Michele Acker-Hocevar, Amount: $6000.
  • 2008 Alhadeff Teachers of Teachers Faculty Award, Washington State University, Amount: $1000. This award was used to purchase materials to improve classroom instruction.
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